Photography is an elegant art. Significantly more than capturing a subject and recreating its likeness in a picture, it seeks to paint the essence of the target while simultaneously evoking an emotional response from the viewer.

Kelsey Page is an accomplished and ambitious photographer in the Nashville area. Originally born in Nashville, her childhood consisted of several relocations starting from her birthplace, to Germany, and ultimately returning to the United States where her family settled in Alabama. However, after her parents' divorce, Kelsey and her mother moved north to Kentucky at the age of six.

Although Page spent most of her childhood receiving her education in Kentucky with her mother, two heavy influences on her future came from her father. During vacations, she would visit him in Alabama where they would sail together. This caused her to develop a passion for marine biology in tandem with an enthusiasm for the University of Alabama. In fact, it was the only college to which she was interested in applying. Upon her high school graduation, she attended said university where she pursued her aquatic aspirations.

Unfortunately, her foray into higher education didn’t measure to what she had anticipated. Her collegiate education was rife with difficult times. During this time, Page reflected on a camera that she’d received as a gift when she was seventeen. Initially photography was just a time-killing hobby, but soon she realized that it was one of the few things that brought her happiness. She fell in love with the craft and made the bold decision to drop out of college to pursue the art as a career.

Now with a clean slate, she applied for an internship with none other than internationally renowned photographer, Clay Cook. Since finishing her internship, Page has worked on a number of projects, the most noteworthy being alongside Gunner Deathrage of Project Runway fame. Now Page works out of a studio in her dream city of Nashville, Tennessee. This pursuit is more than a career for Page, rather it is a passionate and intricate art that she continues to refine with each shutter click.

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